Important customer information

Retraction right You/they can your contract explanation fax (e-mail) without statement of reasons in text form (for example letter) within one month or revoke through return of the matter. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of this instruction, not however before the day of the entrance of the merchandise delivery. To the maintenance, the timely dispatch of the retraction or the matter suffices the retraction period. The retraction is to be directed at: ALW CZs.r.o. L&W-KG Bergweg 11 63776 Mömbris Fax: +49 (0) 6029-999907 Mail: Retraction consequences Those are in the case of an effective retraction to be back-granted on both sides of received performances and to publish if necessary drawn utilizations. Can back-grant us the received performance in made worse condition completely or partially not or only, you must do if necessary us Wertersatz insofar. This is not valid with the surrender of matters, if the deterioration of the matter exclusively at their examination-like she/it you approximately in the store business possibly would have been-, to lead back, is. In the remainder, you can avoid the value liability by not taking the matter like her/its/their property in use and omitting all, which impairs their value. Paketversandfähige matters are to be sent back. You/they have to carry the costs of the return, if the delivered ware the ordered corresponds and if the price of the back-sending back-sending matter an amount of 40 Euro doesn't exceed. Otherwise, the return is free for you. Please stamp the package to avoid sufficiently about criminal postage. End of the retraction instruction.