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Security information So that you itself at your purchase in with ALW CZs.r.o. sure can be, we all have undertaken third about your data before the accesses to protect. Because your data and your trust are obligation to biggest security for us. ALW CZs.r.o. stores your data conveyed at us of your orders and the tillage handling only for the purpose. We reject a passing on at third, besides at partners in the course of the tillage handling! Data transfer To the transfer of your data, we use a sure server with the SSL-Technik with a 128 bit of Verschüsselung. So, your data certainly become and for trespassers unlesbar at us conveys. Datenschtzerklärung We use your continuance data exclusively for the handling of your order. All customer data are stored under observation of the pertinent rules of the federal data protection laws (BDSG) and the Telemediengesetz (TMG) of us and are processed. You/they have a right on free information, correction, stoppage and closing of your stored data anytime. Please apply yourself or sends you to us of Bergweg11 (63776 Mömbris) your desire per mail (ALW CZs.r.o.) or fax, +49 (0)6029-999907). we don't pass on your person-referential data including your house address and e-mail address at third. Except from this, our service partners, who require the transmission of data to the tillage handling, are the shipping business put in charge of the delivery, for example, and that assigned credit institute with the payment handling. in these cases, the scope of the conveyed data restricts itself however only to the necessary minimum. ALW CZs.r.o. keeps before, that of Bonität of the customer to check before assumption of the order during the contract term in suitable manner. ALW CZs.r.o. is justifiable, over creditPass at the economic credit inquiry agencies connected to it, infoscore Consumer Data Ltd. Rheinstr. 99, 76532 Baden Baden and accumio finance services gmbh, Kabelkamp 1a (30179 Hanover), to catch up with information about the judgment of the customer's previous Zahlverhaltens. Bonitätsinformationen on the basis of mathematical-statistical procedures cover furthermore we over creditPass of the INFORMA management consulting firm Ltd., Rheinstr. 99, 76532 Baden Baden. Is allowed to ALWCZs.r.o.Wirtschaftsauskunfteien & collection companies as well, infoscore Consumer Data Ltd. Rheinstr. 99, 76532 Baden Baden, accumio finance services gmbh, Kabelkamp 1a, 30179 Hanover and MediaFinanz Ltd. & Co. KG, whites width 5 D-49084 Osnabruck also data of the customer on the basis of not contract-appropriate handling of the contract relationship reports. This news only takes place as far as this is necessary to the maintenance of entitled interests. The customer can get him/it relevant stored data over them/her/it information with the credit inquiry agencies. We put in technical and organizational security measures, about your data administered through us against accidental or willful manipulation, loss, destruction or, to protect against the access of unwarranted people. Payment data are encoded transferred, 128 bits of Secure Socket Layer encoding. Cookies, if the function "Ich would like to remain you eingeloggt, until I check out." activated, yours of customer account, that then are called with your next visit, are stored in Cookies information about the data even aimed by you. The data cast off in the Cookies become unnecessary for you of the filling of the forms. The here generated Cookies have a decay time of 365 days. You/they can administer program the assumption of Cookies of this side in your browser in addition and can close these if necessary. No products consider merchandise basket Es in your merchandise basket for itself at present. InformationenNewsletter. How orders?. shipping costs. Delivery periods. Payment types. Pricing. Security. Retraction right. FAQ (Frage/Antwort). customer voices. Additional discounts: