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Simply sharper sees sun glass - not glasses bearers and glasses bearers - + contrast glasses in the set!

Look at the world with new, other eyes. The Überziehbrillen spoil you day like night with extra sharp eyesight and extremely strong contrasts like in HD. 
The Überzieh-Sonnenbrille "day version" protects your eyes before light sunlight. The rack is so designed that you can keep on your normal Sehhilfe. "Meet version" has simply pulled itself over it. 
Brilliantly for example with the Autofahren: End with blind flight now is because the profoundly standing sun blinds you.  
Meet version, also a relief is at overcast heaven with strongly changing light circumstances like for example. 
Has you version" the full view with the contrast glasses henceforth also at night "night and sees simply better.  
Thanks to clear contrast reinforcement, you see all very much sharper also a relief with twilight, fogs, snow drift or strong moving incidentally.  
The technology with this yellow sounded glasses is put in already since many years of ski athletes and markspersons successfully.  
Is valid also here: You/they can leave open your Sehhilfe and can carry the night comfortably version over it.  
Including 2 practical Klemmhalterungen for the motor vehicle sun shield  
Überzieh-Sonnenbrille day version  
High-quality glasses glasses with easy contrast reinforcement, reflection filter and UV-Schutz 400  
Perfectly with a changing visibility and profoundly standing sun  
Dimensionses: 16 x 16 x 5 cm, weighs easy 36 grams  
Überzieh-Kontrastbrille night version 
Yellow special glasses glasses with strong contrast reinforcement, reflection filter and UV-Schutz 400  
Sees keenly at night and with a bad visibility  
Dimensionses: 16 x 16 x 5 cm, weighs easy 36 grams  
Also ideal for non-glasses bearers   

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