Alura Gel intimate luxury for Women


Alura Gel intimate luxury for Women

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ALURA LUX® von NHT Global Lifestyle

Made in den USA

Alura Lux with New Packaging 

Alura Lux Paraben-free


New and improved formulation of our best-selling lifestyle product Alura by NHT Global, now paraben-free.

They have the same ingredients of menthol and L-arginine are fully patented.

Alura Lux NHT Global is now naturally, without the use of parabens while maintaining the same main components and the same full-body and anti-aging benefits.

Created by Board Certified OBGYN Dr. Ronald J. Thompson used this innovative gel as a topical vasodilator that benefits the body in 6 key areas skull, lips, genitalia, anus, skin, and even fertility.

Depending on where it is applied, Alura Lux can be used to relieve migraine, thick lips, promote youthful vaginal tissues, enhance sexual pleasure, improve anal fissures, ulcers and wounds of the skin, increases fertility lubrication & sperm and longer ,

Based on the 1998 Nobel Prize winners discovery of the NOS pathway for vasodilation, this patented formula consisting, FDA-approved, clinically proven from L-arginine and menthol Safe, sold exclusively by NHT Global, and now 100% with no parabens.

Alura Lux - saves marriages around the world from 2001 on.
Alura Lux - does the same for women as Viagra and Cialis for men but without the side effects.
Alura Lux - Improve your gynecological functions
Alura Lux - improving various physiological disorders of age-related reduction resulting estrogen
Alura Lux - Präserve female genital tissues and slow Degeneratio
Alura Lux - Normalized internal secretion and helps the balance of hormones of the entire body through proper stimulation


New and improved formulation of the most popular lifestyle product Alura Lux®


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