Terms and Conditions

The company ALW CZ s.r.o. executes your orders on the basis of the following general business conditions (AGB). The conditions had ready at the time of your order in our service are valid. We don't acknowledge regulations deviant from these conditions, unless, they are confirmed by us in writing.  
§ 1 close of escrow (1) our statements about merchandise and prices in the framework of the tillage process is not binding. The purchase contract for him/it or the articles selected by you is closed if we assume your order through the communication about the delivery as well as delivery of the ware. The confirmation of the entrance of your order doesn't still cause any contract end. (2) you test the confirmation for obvious writing and miscalculations as well as at deviations from order, confirmation and delivery. You/they are indebted to inform us of such incongruity instantaneously. If you or we ask for the return handling because of an incongruity, then, you please don't open further the ware. Otherwise you must carry the value loss emerging through it as far as the opening the ware was not necessary in order to determine the deviation. Send the ware to our u.g. address back. The costs of the return are carried by us if you don't recognize the incongruity before delivery and could communicate us in time.  
§ 2 retraction right (1) you has the right to revoke the purchase contract from receipt of the ware within 30 days. To the maintenance, the timely dispatch of the retraction or the return of the ware suffice this period. The retraction right goes out if the ware was opened or a possibly existing seal was damaged. (2) you can the retraction in writing or explain on another lasting data carrier, per e-mail or through simple return of the ware. The retraction is to be directed to following address: Shop contact form.  
§ 3 delivery (1) accomplishment place is our delivery camp in the Republic the Czech republic. We deliver in normally within five to ten working days. The delivery period point can measure in particular cases extends. (3) we are justifiable to partial deliveries. If you don't have any interest in a partial delivery, then, you don't open further the ware until the remaining delivery arrived. If the ware was opened by you further, you must carry the value loss emerging through it in the case of a resignation after course of the retraction period.  
§ 4 terms (1) the delivered ware remains in our property until the complete payment. (2) we can accept only the methods of payment offered in the framework of the order. For the case of the return or non-redemption of a debit, you empower your bank hereby irrevocably to inform us of your name and the current address. , 3, if you get despite reminder and deadline in default, are we entitled to the calculation of delay interests in height of 5 percent over basis interest rate of the European central bank as far as no more inferior damage is proved. (4) with unjustified "rank forecastle" with credit card payment calculates a treatment charge for "rank forecastle" for height of 20 we briefly Euro. (5) we raise a treatment charge in height of 10 with unjustified Rückholung of a debit (at bank move) as well as at rejection of the bank move through the corresponding bank (for example with lacking account coverage) Euro.  
§ 5 guarantee and liability (1) if you prove lacks of delivered ware for us, we will either provide substitute delivery or elimination of the lacks in appropriate time. Don't succeed us this, you have the right to Rückgängigmachung of the purchase or reduction of the purchase price after your election. (2) we more essentially are liable for indebted damages for the injury of contractual main duties (cardinal duties). we are liable in addition, according to the product liability law immediately from which legal argument, only for damages from the injury of the life, the body or the health, or if the damage was caused by us or our fulfillment assistants roughly carelessly or purposely. (3) we are liable at most in the case of the easily negligent injury of an essential contractual main duty up to the characteristically previously-sight-pure damage, that doesn't exceed the purchase price of the ordered ware in normally. The liability with all easily carelessly caused damages is limited on damages at the ordered ware.  
§ 6 is worth sundries (1) It Czech right under exclusion of the un purchase right, even if orders from the foreign countries or is delivered abroad. (2) the right to the Aufrechnung or decrease only is entitled you if your counterclaims were determined final or we acknowledged these in writing. To the retention, you are only authorized as far as the claims are based on the same contract relationship.  
The Tscheschische republic is 7 court estates for both parts / court Praga   
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